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  • 26 reasons not to trust what you read in the newspaper

    So we all know we shouldn’t believe everything we read. Tabloids and science have never been the best of bed fellows (or should that be tabloids and the truth?). But just how widespread is fallacious newspaper reporting? An intriguing little investigation from University College Chester made an attempt to measure the terribleness (or not) of […]

  • Happy Birthday! Dr Stu’s blog is one year old today!

    Today, Dr Stu’s blog is one year old – cue the cake and candles! This little experiment to write about science, health and technology in an understandable way has been extremely well received and continues to be read by an increasing number of people. After a few weeks of writing practice, the blog officially went […]

  • Calling all science writers and bloggers… Is anyone listening?

    I considered giving a health warning with this post. Today, I abandon my usual calm demeanour and embark upon a part-rant, part impassioned call to action. As I climb onto my soapbox, be advised, things might get ugly (well, relatively – I am British after all). Over the past 20 or so years, millions of […]