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5 Reasons Why we are Scared of Cooking with Spices

It’s been about a year since you last read one of my blog posts and I confess that book writing is a busy, all-consuming existence. This much-loved blog has been sadly dormant whilst I have chiselled away over a hot laptop in my writer’s cave. Throughout this blog wilderness, I have been key-tapping and kitchen experimenting for Book Number Two, which I am delighted to say is now available for purchase online and in all good book stores. Called ‘The Science of Spice’, I use science to explain how we can cook with the most misunderstood of culinary ingredients with confidence.

There is a world of science that explains why some dishes taste soooo good because of the spices they contain. Everyone knows that oregano in a pasta sauce, chilli in a fajita or a crack of pepper over a freshly seared steak will get the taste buds tingling. But what on earth do we do with that little-used jar of cumin powder?

Why are the curries we cook at home never as good as the ones served at our local restaurant?

And will you ever again need to use the packet of black cardamom seeds you once bought for a recipe three years ago?

I have been given the green light by the nice folks at publisher DK Books to reveal the innards of the book. So as a means of whetting your appetite, I offer you the top three reasons why I think so many cooks leave their spice jars gathering dust at the back of the kitchen cupboard… Continue reading

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