About Doctor Stu

I love seeing the science; whether it is why we find ‘that special person’ attractive or which is the best biscuit to dunk in a cup of tea. This blog is all about examining life with a scientific slant.

Life and Work

I originally trained as a medical doctor (graduating from Nottingham Uniersity in 2005) and more recently took up a career in teaching. Until recently I worked at Wiltshire College in the UK, teaching science and health sciences. People often ask how I ended up in teaching, click here to read my story.

I have experience in specialist medical writing, and regularly write science and health articles for a variety of magazines and newspapers. I now devote my time to running the bi-monthly digital ‘science-lifestyle’ magazine: Guru Magazine (see below), I have experience in TV presenting and have made a variety of appearances on local radio and Radio 5 Live shows.

Me and one of last year's pumpkins!
Me and one of our home-grown pumpkins! Is organic food actually any good for you? Click image to find out more.

Enjoy the Blog!

I do my best to research my topics well (so hopefully you can trust what I write) and there’s links and references in most blog entries.

Disagree with something I’ve written? Got an opinion on any of the issues? Comments and feedback are warmly welcomed! If you’ve got a question about anything… click here!


DISCLAIMER: All of the writing in ‘Doctor Stu’s Science Blog’ are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. This site in no way reflects the opinions of Wiltshire College, nor should any of the health-related information contained be used to make decisions regarding healthcare. Dr Stuart Farrimond is a GMC registered medical doctor in the UK (No. 6131020) but does not have a licence to practice in the UK. If you have a medical question, please see your GP or an appropriately trained medical practitioner.

10 responses to “About Doctor Stu”

  1. Your blog is just great, Stu! I really enjoyed reading about your aerial adventure, though the thought of a tracheotomy with a biro leaves me with a rather nasty feeling!!

    Will look forward to more in the same enjoyable and informative style.

  2. Hi Stu

    It’s great to put a name to a face. I am enjoying reading your research, keep them coming! So tell me which came first the chicken or the egg..I’ve always wondered 🙂
    Foz (FS)

  3. Stu My grandfather John Farrimond left England in about 1889 or 90 lived in Ince near Wiggan? Have we a common ancestor other than Adam? Not many Farrimonds in America. Perhaps more In the UK.

    Thanks Doc Bauer

  4. Originally, I was attending school to get into the field of law. A misprescribed drug causing anterograde amnesia put a quick halt to this dream and I needed a way to support myself without having to think. I fell into the world of exotic dancing and moved from there to truck driver, until I got my mental marbles back enough to move on. A bus driver allowed me to make enough money to support myself and my toddler while I went back to school for a second time, this time to become a teacher. Fate had other plans as during my sixth month of pregnancy, someone ran a traffic light and hit me broadside. After the baby was born, and my spine returned to its normal position, I discovered I had two herniated and one ruptured disk preventing me from sitting or standing upright for extended periods. This cut my employment, as well as my schooling short once again.

    I’m attending school again now, in my forties, with two children and no income other than child support. I’ve been fighting with social security for years and striving to complete school in the field of filmmaking. Through my experiences I feel my greatest attribute to people is to allow them to know that quitting is never an option and I plan on relaying this to them through film.

    So for whatever reason you decided to change from one career to another may confuse some people, but I understand the humanitarian need you have. The blog you have created is one great way for you to help people and I commend you for that. Thanks.

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