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  • 5 Reasons Why we are Scared of Cooking with Spices

    It’s been about a year since you last read one of my blog posts and I confess that book writing is a busy, all-consuming existence. This much-loved blog has been sadly dormant whilst I have chiselled away over a hot laptop in my writer’s cave. Throughout this blog wilderness, I have been key-tapping and kitchen […]

  • Science of Cooking: Why do bananas go brown in the fridge?

    To celebrate the launch of my recent book, The Science of Cooking: Every question answered to give you the edge, published by DK Books, I am starting a special series of posts about food science. The book answers 160 commonly asked cooking questions, busts lots of culinary myths (no, don’t throw away the mussels that […]

  • Does eating Celery burn calories? The Science about ‘Negative Calorie’ diets (finally).

    Science can be great for answering life’s little questions – you know, the sort of thing you ponder whilst sitting on the toilet or waiting for the number 49 bus. Does chewing gum take seven years to digest? No. Will eating bread crusts make your hair curl? You should be so lucky. Will eating an […]

  • Eating through your Ears: Listening to Music makes Food taste better!

    Do you listen to music when you eat, or Does the sound of chewing and chomping irritate you? Listening to music can be great for unwinding – especially after a long day. I wonder if department stores and hotel elevators would be much more stressful if it weren’t for the piped music! But what about […]

  • Why ice cream tastes SO good! (Even on a rollercoaster)

    We all have our personal weaknesses. A quick survey in the office told me that chocolate or cigarette addictions are common frailties. My wife’s Achilles heel is buying handbags. My weak spot? Eating ice cream. Light, creamy and sweet… Ice cream is perhaps the ultimate in feel-good foods. Having a bad day? An ice cream […]

  • When I pour a fizzy drink, why do bubbles stick to the straw?

    I was sat with friends and enjoying Christmas festivities, when this text came through: “Why do bubbles stick to the straw in fizzy drink?” My niece had come up with the question after watching bubbles dance around in a glass of soft drink. For a seven year old, this was a pretty good question. My […]

  • The Science behind the Perfect Christmas Roast!

    Christmas day is looming. That hallowed day of food, wine, gifts, food and then some more food is nearly here! In the UK, ten million turkeys will be cooked, 25 million Christmas puddings eaten, and six million gallons of wine drunk! The chances are that you will be eating roast turkey at some point this […]