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The Debt we owe to Dyslexia: Are you reading this correctly?

Most of us think dyslexia is a bad thing. At school I had a friend who was told by a teacher that he was “thick” and “wouldn’t achieve anything in life”. Not because he was stupid (he was, and still is, extremely intelligent) but because his reading and writing abilities were horrendous. Things have thankfully … Continue reading

26 reasons not to trust what you read in the newspaper

So we all know we shouldn’t believe everything we read. Tabloids and science have never been the best of bed fellows (or should that be tabloids and the truth?). But just how widespread is fallacious newspaper reporting? An intriguing little investigation from University College Chester made an attempt to measure the terribleness (or not) of … Continue reading

Are Bible-bashers scientifically stupid?

It never used to be like this. Sir Isaac Newton, one of the influential scientists to grace the Earth would be horrified. An outspoken Bible-believer, Newton believed that his observations of the Universe made the existence of God irrefutable. How times change. ‘New Atheism’ is the increasingly popular movement within top science thinkers. Its advocates say … Continue reading

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