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Myth-Busting: 3 Facebook facts you thought were true (but aren’t)!

We are loving our time here in California: It’s a place famous for movies, sandy beaches and huge citrus fruits! We clearly like to keep good company, because Barak Obama has been visiting San Francisco at the same time as us. I somehow don’t think that El Presidente’s visit to the West Coast has been … Continue reading

“Did You Pack Your Own Bags?” and other pointless airport security questions…

We’re off on our holidays, but (groan) we are stuck in the airport because our plane has been delayed – again! The reward for hours of waiting for security and immigration checks is… even more waiting! It’s been a bit like queueing to get on a ride at DisneyLand: The line deceptively curves and bends … Continue reading

Earn a Nobel Prize in your Lunch-Break! The Best “Citizen Science” Games Reviewed!

Have you ever felt like you could be an undiscovered genius? Well scientists have now come up with ingenious ways of you using your brain to push back the boundaries of science… by playing video games! So if you’d like the chance to see if you’re the next Einstein (without the hair) just put down that Sudoku, stop playing Angry Birds and take a look at these computer games! You never know, by playing them you just might help discover the cure for cancer… Continue reading

Why ice cream tastes SO good! (Even on a rollercoaster)

We all have our personal weaknesses. A quick survey in the office told me that chocolate or cigarette addictions are common frailties. My wife’s Achilles heel is buying handbags. My weak spot? Eating ice cream. Light, creamy and sweet… Ice cream is perhaps the ultimate in feel-good foods. Having a bad day? An ice cream … Continue reading

Are you a Shopping Addict? Try the ‘Shopaholic Test’!

I’m starting to get concerned. My wife has just started looking for her next handbag, and she has expensive tastes… Personally, I just don’t ‘get’ the shopping bug: For me, a Saturday afternoon on the high-street sounds like a traumatic experience. It would be tempting to say it is a ‘woman-thing’, but I would risk … Continue reading

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