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Love smoothies? “2.5 of your 5 A Day” claim ruled to be false by ASA

Love smootheis poster with dubious claimYou know that you really shouldn’t believe everything you read. Especially when it’s written on an advertisement. And if it’s a science or health claim on an advert, then you really know to be sceptical. Because, for as long as man has been trying to sell something, he has tried to get one over on his would-be customer. Science and health claims just happen to be an easy way to do it.

Things aren’t as bad as they used to be (just look at some of these medical ads of the 1890s!). For the road to marketing success is now littered with the empty packets of products that tried to dupe us – companies selling anti-ageing creams have been caught out airbrushing their models, car manufacturers have been discovered revved-up their vehicle specs, pro-biotic yoghurts have claimed health benefits that didn’t exist and even the biggest brands –as in the case of Reebok’s ‘butt toning’ training shoes – have been caught with their pants down embellishing the science. Continue reading

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