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Fact or Fiction: Do New Year’s Resolutions actually Work?

New Year’s Resolutions: Just what is the point?  I used to hate the idea of resolving to do something good just because it was a new year. And yet there seems to be something magical about the stroke of midnight on December 31st: Many of us pledge to get fit, save money or stop smoking. Having witnessed family … Continue reading

Social Conformity: Do you just follow the crowd?

I’m feeling rather proud of myself at the moment: I helped save someone’s life with a cup of hot chocolate! How can you save a life with a hot, tasty beverage? Yesterday, I happened across a diabetic man who desperately needed some sugar. By giving him some hot chocolate to drink, I was able to put his blood sugar … Continue reading

Take the Personality Test!

How would you describe yourself? Would other people agree? Today’s blog is about finding out what type of personality you have…

Decisions Decisions… Memory and Choice

I seem to spend a considerable amount of my life in supermarkets; probably because I can never decide what to buy. There seem to be too many choices! If you ever happen upon me in a supermarket, I’ll probably be in the breakfast cereal aisle pacing up and down, scrutinising different packets –  completely unable to make a decision.  Do you ever … Continue reading

Memory: ‘I’m Sorry and You Are?”

How often have you forgotten something? When was the last time you walked into a room and forgot why you had gone in there? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. This is the first of two blogs looking at memory. Today’s blog looks at how our memory works and just how precious and fragile it is.

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