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  • Fatigue: the problem most people don’t understand

    If you’ve never experienced extreme fatigue, then it’s difficult to appreciate. It’s all too easy to say that someone is “lazy” if they complain of no energy or go for a lie down at two in the afternoon. For a long time, many doctors haven’t understood it. For people who are constantly exhausted, us doctors […]

  • The Science of the Midlife Crisis – a modern myth?

    They say that life begins at 40. If that is true, then I have four and half years coddled up in the womb of young adulthood before I am birthed into the cold harshness of ‘middle age’. We tend not to think too much of being ‘middle aged’, and we all know someone who has […]

  • ‘Leisure sickness’ – why you get ill when you stop work (and how not to)

    It must be Murphy’s Law. You soldier through the cold, dark months of winter, working your fingers into stumps trying to get everything finished before the holidays and then… the day after you down tools, you’re struck down with a cold. Of all the luck – another Christmas Day wrapped up in bed with a […]

  • Ofsted Head says Teachers don’t know Stress. Perhaps Sir Michael Wilshaw should have done his homework.

    Teaching is an incredible privilege. It’s hard to underestimate the importance of inspiring and motivating young people – helping them achieve and grow. It was therefore more than a little surprising when Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of the UK schools inspectorate Ofsted, started a finger-wagging tirade accusing teachers of being shirking whiners. “You youngsters don’t […]

  • How much 9/11 TV footage is too much?

    Ten years on from the fateful and tragic day, once again our TV screens relive the moments when the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon came under terrorist attack. Footage of planes exploding into skyscrapers, crumbling buildings and billowing dust clouds are all now indelibly etched into all of our psyches. It was a watershed […]

  • Scientific Proof: Why stress gives you grey hairs!

    Last week it felt like I’d been hit by a mental sledge-hammer.I’d been working hard for weeks; every evening and weekend spent doing paperwork and assignments. Finally the truth of the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” became real to me: I suffer from epilepsy which can be triggered by tiredness and stress and my […]

  • Feeling Stressed? Find out if Your Health is at risk…

    Feeling overworked and stressed out? There must be lots of looming deadlines because there’s lots of stressed-looking people at work at the moment. Based on current research today’s blog will tell you if stress is affecting your health. Read on to find out whether taking a break could help save your life… Do you suffer Road Rage?