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I can’t tweet without you: How twitter feeds our inner longing for friendship

I think I’ve started to feel what it’s like to get old. Strange ‘#’ symbols started to flash up on the TV screen a few months back. Some odd new lottery I wondered? Oblivious to the newest and most important media advancement in the last decade, my friends laughed at my ignorance. Graciously educating me … Continue reading

Is Love Enough? Science Shows 6 Ways Kate and Wills can have a lasting Royal Marriage!

Are you getting excited about the Royal Wedding yet? (Even if you’re not, Brits have an extra day off work to look forward to!) In a world with frighteningly high divorce rates, and facing a life in the limelight, is there really any hope that the royal marriage can survive a lifetime? Well here are some … Continue reading

Myth-Busting: 3 Facebook facts you thought were true (but aren’t)!

We are loving our time here in California: It’s a place famous for movies, sandy beaches and huge citrus fruits! We clearly like to keep good company, because Barak Obama has been visiting San Francisco at the same time as us. I somehow don’t think that El Presidente’s visit to the West Coast has been … Continue reading

Social Conformity: Do you just follow the crowd?

I’m feeling rather proud of myself at the moment: I helped save someone’s life with a cup of hot chocolate! How can you save a life with a hot, tasty beverage? Yesterday, I happened across a diabetic man who desperately needed some sugar. By giving him some hot chocolate to drink, I was able to put his blood sugar … Continue reading

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