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  • Fatigue: the problem most people don’t understand

    If you’ve never experienced extreme fatigue, then it’s difficult to appreciate. It’s all too easy to say that someone is “lazy” if they complain of no energy or go for a lie down at two in the afternoon. For a long time, many doctors haven’t understood it. For people who are constantly exhausted, us doctors […]

  • Science shows that schools should start later, so why hasn’t the penny dropped?

    The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it’s the start of a brand new day. Like many people, I love the mornings and consider myself an ‘early bird’ (after the first coffee, that is). It wasn’t always that way, however. During my teenage years, getting out of bed before 9 am was so […]

  • Most people think dreams predict the future. Do you?

    Freud told us that dreams are the ‘royal road to the unconscious’. Many religions say that dreams are a way to hear from a higher power. But how many of us in today’s secular culture actually believe that? More than you might expect. If you thought most people ignored their dreams – you would be wrong. […]

  • Can’t sleep? Why taking the Blue Pill is Best! (Unless you’re an Italian man)

    Insomnia is something all of us struggle with from time to time. Not being able to get off to sleep is perhaps one of the most frustrating and loathsome things in the world (second only to an itchy back). You can toss, turn, and even count sheep, but nothing seems to work. Sometimes your mind […]

  • The Secrets of Sleep

    Ah Sleep! Apart from perhaps enjoying a favourite meal in good company I doubt whether there are any more enjoyable things to than to drift off into a deep refreshing sleep after a long day. The other night I found that I kept waking up soon after nodding off. Have you noticed when you’re drifting off […]