• Memory: ‘I’m Sorry and You Are?”

    How often have you forgotten something? When was the last time you walked into a room and forgot why you had gone in there? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. This is the first of two blogs looking at memory. Today’s blog looks at how our memory works and just how precious and fragile it is.

  • When Not to Lick Your Fingers: Artificial Sweeteners

      When I learnt NOT to lick my fingers    Whenever you work in a science lab, you are taught never to eat or drink anything. And there is good reason for this:  During medical school I had weekly human dissection lessons. I once licked my fingers straight after one of these sessions… never would I do that…

  • Mind Reading: Secrets and The Science!

    One of these people is trying to deceive you – can you tell who? Today’s blog is all about whether it really is possible and whether you can tell what someone is really thinking. Many believe that there is a science behind ‘reading minds’. Read on to find out more about the secrets and the science.

  • To Infinity and Beyond: The World’s Greatest Hits

    33 years ago today – the ‘world’s greatest ever hits’ were released as part of the one of the most bizare scientific experiments. You’ve probably never heard the whole version: you will today.

  • Is there a doctor on the aircraft?

    “If there is a doctor on board, please could you ring your call button” The dreaded call came: It was three in the morning, we were two hours into a flight back from New York and my wife had just slipped into a deep sleep .It had hardly been a straight-forward flight back; we were…

  • Shock: Work is actually Good for You!

    The bank holiday is over, sigh. Got the back to work blues? Well take heart, because just like your parents used to tell you work is actually good for you!

  • The Secrets of Sleep

    Ah Sleep! Apart from perhaps enjoying a favourite meal in good company I doubt whether there are any more enjoyable things to than to drift off into a deep refreshing sleep after a long day. The other night I found that I kept waking up soon after nodding off. Have you noticed when you’re drifting off…

  • How to Survive being trapped in a Mine

    I’m sure you’ve read and seen about the Chilean mining disaster in the news: 33 miners are trapped 700 metres below ground level.

  • Coffee – Drink Up! The virtues of coffee drinking…

    Coffee is that strong smelling and bitter drink that people love or hate. Personally, I love it. Last year, I visited the UK’s first coffee festival and had so much fun that I’m looking forward to doing it again this summer. But next time I think I will curb my consumption: Over 20 espressos was…