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New Research Asks: Could you hack a night shift?

It’s 5 am and you feel like death. Eight hours down and you’ve still got four more to go. With a mind like sludge, a phone rings and you need to sound attentive and informed. This isn’t going to be easy. Me – I hate night shifts. Hours of dark, unrewarding loneliness accompanied with the … Continue reading

The Great Atlantic Divide – Why Europeans Riot (but American’s don’t)

A fireball erupts as civilians shriek and run for cover. A security officer burns and a gas mask-wearing man dashes through the smoke. Men beat each another with bats and stones. Shots are fired and grenades hurled as a city centre descends into chaos. Is this a scene from a warzone? No – this is … Continue reading

Surely not! Is this Energy Drink marketed at Children!?

Sometimes anger gets the better of you. A morning trip to the supermarket left me enraged (and no, it wasn’t anything to do with the queues, car parking or customer service). The source of my fury was what I had seen for sale in the aisles. Were my eyes deceiving me or had I really … Continue reading

Shock! The way you Walk reveals Your IQ!

So you think you’re pretty smart, huh? I bet you think walking is easy. Let’s put those assumptions to the test: Haul yourself away from the computer for a couple of minutes and try this simple little test. We’ll see just how clever you really are… Continue reading

Save the Planet by… Becoming a Vegan! Do I really have to?

Veganism – it’s just something for middle-class ‘hippies’ right? Vegans are those tree-hugging, hemp-wearing festival-goers who say ‘man’ far too much. Well perhaps it’s time for a rethink on that stereotype. At least if you care about environment, that is. If you had thought you could do your bit to fight global warming by getting … Continue reading

Calling all science writers and bloggers… Is anyone listening?

I considered giving a health warning with this post. Today, I abandon my usual calm demeanour and embark upon a part-rant, part impassioned call to action. As I climb onto my soapbox, be advised, things might get ugly (well, relatively – I am British after all). Over the past 20 or so years, millions of … Continue reading

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