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Art and Science: If a Picture Could Say a Thousand Gigabytes…

I don’t like big numbers. There are nine billion people in the world, but how many of us can honestly imagine of more than a couple thousand people? When you look at the moon on a clear night, it looks pretty close. But it’s actually over 240 thousand miles away! I think Norwich is a … Continue reading

The Burns Night Face-Off: Haggis versus the Big Mac! Which is really better?

Haggis is like Marmite: People love it or hate it. Banned in the USA and slammed by health critics, just how bad can this Scottish delicacy really be? Haggis is no longer the reserve of the ardent kilt-wearing Scot because more and more of us Burn’s Night revellers are opting for this authentic fare. Not … Continue reading

Geek-Gadget of the Week: The SmartPen!

Writing, just who does that anymore? With so much work being done on computers these days, the poor old pen has pretty much been consigned to the stationary drawer. Technology is now so portable that we can stay ‘connected’ in every conceivable situation: laptops for coffee-shop working, iPads and PDAs while commuting, and Smartphones when … Continue reading

Can’t sleep? Why taking the Blue Pill is Best! (Unless you’re an Italian man)

Insomnia is something all of us struggle with from time to time. Not being able to get off to sleep is perhaps one of the most frustrating and loathsome things in the world (second only to an itchy back). You can toss, turn, and even count sheep, but nothing seems to work. Sometimes your mind … Continue reading

The Top 10 Medical TV Myths

Everyone loves a good hospital drama. They tick all the boxes for good TV: Gritty plots, life and death situations, steamy relationships, ethical dilemmas and blood and gore. Now more popular than ever, medical TV dramas have come a long way in the last 50 years. But just how accurate are they? You might be … Continue reading

How to Build a Spaceship: The Best (and worst) Amateur Astronauts!

So, you want to be an astronaut? It’s going to be a job with some ups and downs: Cramped living conditions and rubbish food, but great views and plenty to talk about at parties when you get home! But if you’re not a millionaire or a member of NASA, how easy is it to get into space and experience some … Continue reading

Interview with a Bomb Disposal Expert: Meet the man who saved Trowbridge Town!

Should you cut the red wire or the blue wire? Quick! Time is running out! Red digits are already counting down from 10 seconds. With wire-cutters tentatively poised, a snip of the red wire and then… Wait! Is bomb disposal really anything like what we see in the movies? A few days ago, I wrote … Continue reading

When I pour a fizzy drink, why do bubbles stick to the straw?

I was sat with friends and enjoying Christmas festivities, when this text came through: “Why do bubbles stick to the straw in fizzy drink?” My niece had come up with the question after watching bubbles dance around in a glass of soft drink. For a seven year old, this was a pretty good question. My … Continue reading

Loyalty Cards: What the Supermarkets know about You!

I bet that you own at least one loyalty or ‘reward’ card. They sound like a great idea – You get money and points for just doing your normal grocery shop! Well, if you think you’re getting something for nothing, then you’re wrong…The barcode bleep is like the soundtrack to modern society. And in the 21st … Continue reading

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