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Breaking News: Bomb Threat to Trowbridge, Wiltshire!

Trowbridge doesn’t seem like a likely target for terrorists. But yesterday, the centre of the town became ‘locked down’ as bomb disposal squads investigated a ‘suspect bag’. I like the place, but a lot of people don’t. It’s the official county town of Wiltshire, a beautiful and historic region, yet Charles Moore from The Spectator described Trowbridge as … Continue reading

How a Chocolate Indulgence can be Good for You! (but not your dog)

Chocolate is the nation’s favourite indulgence. Every year we collectively chomp our way through four Olympic stadiums worth of the stuff. Today’s blog is all about enjoying chocolate and leaving the New Year’s resolutions for another day. Research shows that the healthy chemicals from chocolate will soon be making their way into the next generation of cold … Continue reading

Exploding Milk Bottles! When Ice and Dairy collide…

Sub-zero temperatures can be hazardous. If frostbite, hypothermia and road accidents weren’t bad enough; now our milk bottles are exploding! In a previous post, Ruth wanted to know the answer to her milk bottle saga: “My milk was frozen this morning so that the cream erupted out of the bottle in a column. I see … Continue reading

The Science behind the Perfect Christmas Roast!

Christmas day is looming. That hallowed day of food, wine, gifts, food and then some more food is nearly here! In the UK, ten million turkeys will be cooked, 25 million Christmas puddings eaten, and six million gallons of wine drunk! The chances are that you will be eating roast turkey at some point this … Continue reading

The rise of the ‘Skeptics’: A new breed of Armchair Scientists

When I was a child, Johnny Ball used to be my hero. He hosted a UK TV programme, called ‘Johnny Ball Reveals All‘. With the enthusiasm of a five-year-old, he bounced across the TV screen while explaining science questions: ‘Why does a volcano erupt?’, ‘How do my eyes work?’ and ‘What is electricity?’ He was an inspiring and eccentric … Continue reading

Driving on Ice: Alternatives to Grit Salt

How’s your driving at the moment? Ice can be a treacherous thing: I once drove a brand new car into a lamppost on an icy, un-gritted road; resulting in £1,000 worth of damage and a severely dented ego! In Britain, we don’t handle the cold weather very well; a flurry of snow or an icy day seizes our roads, railways and airports … Continue reading

Its Official: Men are Terrible at Christmas Shopping… (but women love getting gifts)

It’s Christmas shopping frenzy time! That’s right, shops and malls everywhere are going to be bursting with families clamouring to get the best gifts for their nearest and dearest. Christmas shopping may be someone’s idea of fun, but I find it all rather masochistic! You risk life and limb tripping over screaming toddlers while trying to avoid marital strife in arguments over … Continue reading

Social Conformity: Do you just follow the crowd?

I’m feeling rather proud of myself at the moment: I helped save someone’s life with a cup of hot chocolate! How can you save a life with a hot, tasty beverage? Yesterday, I happened across a diabetic man who desperately needed some sugar. By giving him some hot chocolate to drink, I was able to put his blood sugar … Continue reading

Beware: NSPCC Facebook Profile Hoax!

Did you fall for the NSPCC Facebook hoax? Facebook profile images have mysteriously been changing to cartoon characters. Why? Because this message has been passed around: “Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same, for the NSPCC. Until Monday (December 6th), there should be no … Continue reading

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