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Update: The Secret of Eternal Youth – Scientists actually reverse the aging process!

Do you hate the idea of growing old? Perhaps you fear grey hairs, wrinkles, and the dreaded effects of gravity on your fine physique!? In hot-off-the-press science news, all your fears could be a thing of the past: A groundbreaking step has been made by actually reversing aging! So now you can say ‘No’ to Botox, anti-oxidant creams and hair … Continue reading

How To: Survive Global Warming

Do you find talk about climate change and global warming depressing? I know I do! Whenever I see anything in the news about global warming, pollution or climate change, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I switch off. To be honest: It’s all pretty scary. It’s much easier not think about things that make us feel uncomfortable. We’ve trashed the rainforests, polluted the seas … Continue reading

Take the Music Personality Test! Find out what Your taste in Music says about You!

What’s your favourite piece of music? What style of music do you hate? Every single culture and society has developed its own style and way of making music. But given a choice, there will be some music types that you will prefer. Why is this? Why do some of us have Dizzee Rascal on our iPod’s when others are happy … Continue reading

The Mystery of the Itchy Nose!

 Do you get an itchy nose or itchy palms after eating? Lots of us do; especially after takeaway food, cheese, hams or drinking red wine. Some of us get runny noses and some of us are even allergic to certain foods. My wife challenged me to find out why she gets an itchy nose after eating… Read on … Continue reading

Obama Meets The Robots: But Could They Save the World?

Last week, US President Barak Obama was seen in Japan hanging out with robots! He took a break from the APEC Summit to be given a guided tour of some of the world’s newest robots. Sadly, what he saw was pretty embarrassing:  A talking female robot that had all the sophistication of a 1970s B-Movie, an irritating robotic ‘pet’ seal and … Continue reading

Scientific Proof: Why stress gives you grey hairs!

Last week it felt like I’d been hit by a mental sledge-hammer.I’d been working hard for weeks; every evening and weekend spent doing paperwork and assignments. Finally the truth of the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” became real to me: I suffer from epilepsy which can be triggered by tiredness and stress and my … Continue reading

Technology Update: Holographic Television is Here!

It’s official: TV is dead. Forget video conferencing and watching Eastenders in two dimensions. The future is here: Enter the world of real 3D TV… without the glasses!

Can You Cure the Common Cold?

Curing the common cold sparked a debate in the office at work yesterday: It was reported in the news that the “cure for the common cold” had been found.  It sounds exciting but like much science reporting in the media: it’s fantastically over-exaggerated. The ‘ground-breaking’ research gives interesting insights into how our immune system works (the intricacies of will … Continue reading

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