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Which is the Best Biscuit to Dunk?

It’s one of the nation’s most enjoyed pleasures: enjoying a cup of tea whilst dunking a biscuit. Apparently 9 out of 10 of us do it while at work. So which is the best biscuit to enjoy during your tea break? Believe it or not, there’s some serious science behind it. I decided to investigate … Continue reading

Halloween Special: Do women get scared more easily than men?

It’s only girls that get scared by spiders, mice and horror movies right? That’s the stereotype, but is there any truth in it?

The Man Who Could Never Forget

It’s cold outside; Moscow in the 1920’s was not a happy place to be: Russia was still reeling from the bloody Bolshevik Revolution and Lenin had recently come to power. But for one newspaper reporter going about his normal work, life was about to change forever.

Exposed! Britain’s ‘Energy Drink’ Child-Addicts

What did you used to spend your pocket money on? I clearly remember the excitement of going to the corner shop and getting as many handfulls of strawberry shoelaces and cola ice-pops that my 50p could buy. Kids these days are far less likely to buy sweet treats: confectionary sales have stangated as a new ‘vogue’ has hit … Continue reading

Feeling Stressed? Find out if Your Health is at risk…

Feeling overworked and stressed out? There must be lots of looming deadlines because there’s lots of stressed-looking people at work at the moment. Based on current research today’s blog will tell you if stress is affecting your health. Read on to find out whether taking a break could help save your life… Do you suffer Road Rage?

Take the Personality Test!

How would you describe yourself? Would other people agree? Today’s blog is about finding out what type of personality you have…

You’re Fired! The world’s stupidest scientists…

Celebrating the Worst of Science! Science can take itself a bit too seriously sometimes. Every Autumn at Harvard University, the ‘alternative Nobel Prize Ceremony’ takes place. A parody of the Nobel Prize ceremony, the Ig Nobel Prizes are given to the stupidest or funniest scientific discovery.

Organic Food: A fat waste of cash?

 That’s a big marrow!        I love growing vegetables; although I’ve never grown a marrow anywhere near the size of Mr Marcantonio’s! Every year our modestly-sized lawn seems to be shrinking as we dig up more of it to make way for our vegetable growing passions. A friend emailed me this picture from the Daily Mail last week and suggested it feature in … Continue reading

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